Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM Monogram V Bag

One of Replica Louis Vuitton handbags, Neverfull’s handbag uses the Monogram canvas created by Mr. George Vuitton in 1896 to express his tribute to his father, Mr. Louis Vuitton. At the same time on both sides of the handbag leather belt by the first of its interior design inspiration from the suitcase. In the inside of the Neverfull handbag, the brand name is marked with the handwriting “Louis Vuitton”, and its inspiration comes from the Louis Vuitton ad design in 1905.

2013, the luxury of Epi leather launched a new Neverfull medium handbags, 2015 Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM Monogram V Bag M41601 it is very suitable for everyday use. This perfect handbag is very practical, will be tied on the lace tied, but also make it even more sophisticated, as a stylish city handbags. The new Epi Neverfull medium handbag, also added a handy small handbag, while focusing on practicality at the same time, let the classic once again turned fashion new. You can easily remove it from the D-ring, to help you properly store the phone and carry small things.

Neverfull used Epi leather retains the original Epi leather logo lines, but feel more soft and mellow, with matte coating, so its shape will change with the use of the owner to bring the mark. Neverfull handbags are also one of the basic styles of Replica Louis Vuitton Bags Mon Monogram personalized service, guests can according to their own preferences, the name of the abbreviation and selected color stripes printed on the Neverfull handbags, and choose with the color stripes has been the inner lining canvas , A complete possession of their own handbags!

Neverfull Replica handbags elegant and casual, full of feminine sense of the contour structure of the perfect combination of functionality and design in one. Whether it is free shopping or travel travel, can be a perfect companion on the road. In the design, as a result of the use of the Monogram canvas and open design, so that the bag is portable and amazing capacity, the other inside the metal ring design, but also easy to wallets and other small leather buckle buckle on it, to prevent the loss at the same time convenient At any time access.

Epi leather was born in 1985, as Replica Louis Vuitton Handbags first leather series, it was inspired by the 1920s, the brand for the Indian royal family designed tea box. Epi means wheat ear, surface texture reminiscent of the breeze blowing through the formation of the waves of wheat. Verfull medium handbag design inspiration from Louis Vuitton in the 20th century, a well-known 60-year advertising. Mongram canvas mix fashionable “Volez, Voguez, Voyagez avec les Valises Louis Vuitton” prints.

┬áNeverfull can be said that it is both a street bag is also entry, the basic staff of a. Seems to want to put all the feelings of women, desire, sexy, charming and put into it. But the human desire is always filled with dissatisfaction, the desire to spread the day can only be all the thought to pack into this name is neverfull’s handbag. Neverfull series named after its large capacity, it was said that the size of it can be loaded with a baby. Its lightweight leather at the same time with a foldable, good care and many other advantages, it has become the basic necessities of the basic models. In 2013, Louis Vutiion launched the EPI color series neverfull series, stunning global.

Product Name: V word NEVERFULL medium handbag
Material: Mongram canvas
Product Color: Brown
Product number: M41602
Product Size: 32 x 29 x 17 cm
Monogram canvas, cotton textile lining, leather trim, gold-plated brass trim, built-in removable zipper bag and hook
Louis Vuitton LV V word NEVERFULL medium handbag
Current Designer: (Nicolas Ghesquiere)