Replica Saint Laurent YSL Kate Shoulder Bag Tote

The Replica Saint Laurent Handbags YSL Kate Shoulder Bag Tote chain bag has always been the pride of Saint Laurent brand leather bags. Although this model has been popular for many years, consumers have not faded away in the slightest time, but instead like it more and more.

How many sizes of Saint Laurent kate bag? Replica Saint Laurent Bags kate chain bag medium and small is the best. Besides this Kate, this one was brought to life by a number of stars such as Naza, Qu Xiaoyu, this leather crocodile pattern is rare, everyone The caviar pattern or calf leather smooth surface on the back, the chance of hitting the bag when going out is very small! The caviar pattern is scratch-resistant and durable. The most important thing is that it does not look easy to deform.

Replica Saint Laurent Handbags

Replica Saint Laurent Handbags kate chain bag is currently sold in three main sizes: medium is 24 x 14.5 x 5.5cm wide, small is 20 x 5 x 12.5cm long, and the other is a chain wallet (Woc), medium The size is bigger, and the trumpet is also called a chain bag, which is about the same size as this chain wallet, but the small shoulder strap is purely a chain, and the middle part of this woc strap is leather, not a shoulder, and woc is cheap !

Of course, the most commonly used is naturally medium and trumpet, relatively speaking, it is more with the height and temperament of domestic girls. Saint Laurent kate chain bag medium and small is the best. In fact, this is mainly divided into with and without tassels. Personally, I think Replica Saint Laurent Bags envelope bag is suitable without tassel. Kate still looks good with tassel. Of course, this is the point of view and does not represent the opinions of others.

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The black metal chain bag in black caviar pattern calfskin, the black jacket is cold and the dust bag is also a black jacket. It is really a “black beauty”. Let ’s take a look at this small 20cm kate chain replica bag with tassels. There is no tassel, the difference in appearance, in fact, really feel that it is more beautiful without tassel.

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The inner structure of the Replica Saint Laurent Bag is the same whether it is with or without tassel, and regardless of its size. There are 6 card slots and a long cash receipt at the inside. There is a zipper pocket, which can put some valuable small items. There is a lot of space in the middle for mobile phone purses, cosmetics, etc. The space is not very large, but it can be put down.

Replica Saint Laurent Handbags

Also, its chain hook is on the inside like most chain bags. It can be detached and used as a hand replica handbag. The shoulder strap is of moderate length. Generally speaking, this black and sier color is very good! Well, the ysl kate chain bag is introduced here first, I always think that the medium and small are very good, which one depends on personal circumstances.

Replica Saint Laurent NIKI Gray Leather Chain Crossbody Bag

Replica Saint Laurent Handbags NIKI vintage wax leather shoulder bag chain bag difference replica bag toteHave to say that this wave of Saint Laurent is successful, Yves Saint Laurent NIKI Gray Leather Chain Crossbody Bag popularity has once made it a “bad king” distinguished title. Why is it so hot? In summary, I think the main material is very resistant to the grade, the solid color is very good with clothes. Oil wax calfskin bright leather overall look is so generous temperament.

The fashion trend is changing rapidly. If the classic design shows elegant taste, then the latest styles show a fashionable attitude. There are always a few handbags in each season. They are popular in the world and are sold all over the world. They become the classic pieces that the brand continues to build. The Replica Saint Laurent Bags is one of them.

Replica Saint Laurent Handbags

However, the market is cluttered and mixed, and many fairies have some such concerns when they purchase. For this reason, we have specially shot a set of comparison charts for your reference. The biggest difference between high and low quality is the details. From the logo of niki, the fairies who go to the counter know that the logo of niki is not completely wrapped by oil wax, and the outer side of the logo is oil-side technology. It is precisely because of the complexity of the oil side that many factories make it very difficult.

If the know-how sweet potatoes should have been identified. That’s right, the place where the genuine niki bag is close to the side is the process of locking the line. Can’t underestimate this little detail. Many senior appraisers are distinguished from the details.

Replica Saint Laurent Handbags

I really like it more and more, the style design is not only good-looking, but also very good.
The texture of the oil wax skin. The texture of the fried chicken stick. Metal chain shoulder strap. The space is large capacity. The scorpion can be placed under the feeling.

Upper body effect first-class stick suitable for all kinds of styling Replica Saint Laurent Handbags Ms. NIKI vintage wax leather shoulder bag chain bag difference bag favorite bag new bag daily wear out the street favorite bag most worthy The investment bag leather is very delicate and soft oil wax skin, which is why many sweet potatoes say niki is so soft.

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One of the most popular handbags comes from Anthony Vaccarello, the Niki handbag from Replica Saint Laurent Bags! The rumpled calfskin has a vintage texture, and the quilted design of the herringbone pattern is classic and eye-catching. The brand logo of the same color leather has a low-key personality.

Niki handbags are available in three sizes: large, medium and mini. The shoulder and crossbody are free to convert. This handbag not only has a choice of leather with different colors and a variety of textures, but also has a special style with details such as sequins and rivets to meet the needs of different styles.

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The body line of the Saint Laurent Niki handbag is neat and clean, especially suitable for casual casual everyday dress. The British supermodel Rosie Huntington-Whiteley also loves it, even carrying it to the gym!

Replica Saint Laurent PARIS SUNSET Burgundy Calfskin Crocodile YSL Logo Tote Bag

Speaking of Saint Laurent replica bag tote, now niki is really not too hot, but Saint Laurent can not only look good, this Saint Laurent sunset has always wanted to plant grass, it is also a red net, a little red book flipped a lot of fashion Girls plant grass, popularity is not covered! Very good to see this Replica Saint Laurent Handbags chain exquisite appearance is also very elegant, Rong group prince many Chinese and foreign stars street shooting, must get!

As the prince of Saint Laurent’s “Dead loyalty powder”, in the airport street shot, he carried the new medium-sized Sunset, and his legs were up in autumn and winter. With the knee-boots and denim shorts, the prince Wen, casual accessories black long-sleeved T shit, It looks casual and fashionable. The slash SUNSET MONOGRAM series medium Replica Saint Laurent chain Bags, very simple and natural autumn and winter casual dress is so stand out.

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SAINTLAURENTPARIS SUNSET Burgundy Calfskin Crocodile Replica Saint Laurent Handbags Logo Tote Bag has also won the favor of Sammi Cheng, who has always been known for mashups. This time, the use of black Sunset handbags brings a sense of simplicity, even simple T-shirts and sneakers, paired with Sunset The square bag also became “urban”.

This Sunset bag is made of polished toothpick pattern cowhide, which is better than lambskin and is more resistant to scratches. At that time, I was afraid of scratches. After a few days of backing, I found that it was more wear-resistant. There was no trace of fingers.

Replica Saint Laurent Handbags

replica bag tote capacity: It is really big! I can put down two of my plus a small purse, two red, various keys and pieces. Size: 22cm vintage copper hardware is very textured, the most attractive thing about this bag is special exquisite.

It is worth mentioning that Saint Laurent is a crocodile-embossed sunset bag, which highlights the whole match. Personally, it is believed that the bag can always illuminate the whole match. More wear resistant and less scratch resistant. This bag is my first tens of thousands of bags. I bought it and cherish it. I didn’t open it and use it immediately.

Replica Saint Laurent Handbags

I bought the medium one. My height is 166cm. I think this bag can be loaded. There are three layers inside. There is also a place for the card slot behind the bag. Super can be installed. Not only decoration, but also a long wallet.

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Replica Saint Laurent Bags sunset bag, really super texture This bag is actually not like it at first glance. But I don’t know why I look at it more and more. The more I look at it, the more I look. The more I look, the more I feel. A taller sister, the squat should be better. The leather is embossed by crocodile skin, which is particularly resistant to roughness. I don’t use the bag very carefully. This bag will not worry about scratches. You can put down the powder, hand cream, lipstick, and some small pieces.

Replica Saint Laurent Sunset embossed leather shoulder bag Black

In the fall of 2018, there was such a magical bag that was born out of it. Because of it, there was another bag in the bag world that was relished by the hipsters – the organ bag. It is the Sac de Jour organ bag from Replica Saint Laurent Handbags. It really fires up, it must be because of ‘Star you’, this is undoubtedly, when the millennium Yi took it in the elevator encounter professor that you dare say you can forget?

Sac du jour French literally translated into English is the bag of the day, the shape of the square, looks sophisticated and strong. Because the pleats on the side of the bag look like an organ, so nickname the organ bag! Its lines are neat, but also with a bit of tough texture; the design is simple, without any extra decoration; change the previous big logo style, choose a small and exquisite attitude! These details, combined with the choice of stiff materials, make the whole bag full of gas!

Replica Saint Laurent Handbags

Replica Saint Laurent Bags Sunset embossed leather shoulder bag Black, although you are already familiar with Sac de Jour, I still want to put it in the beauty soap, who calls it the originator of the organ bag. Most people take a large size, but its weight is not affordable for the average person, it is very simple, either choose a limited amount to earn a return rate, or choose a practical, so I recommend the mini number, Jenner sisters love the size.

Replica Saint Laurent Handbags

Well, the “the originator of the organ” is so simple, and then the main event! After the fire of 2014, Sac de Jour seems to have weakened. This year’s fashion week show brand brands have pushed the organ bag to the cutting edge of fashion, which is so fast! Saint Laurent’s fall/winter 2013 Sac De Jour, designed by creative director Eddie Slieman, is another iconic design of Replica Saint Laurent Bags.

Its tough lines, minimalist design, and full of gas. The crisp leather is very textured, so elegant and super practical handbags are naturally loved by the stars. It is available in both small and classic styles and is available in a wide range of colors.

Replica Saint Laurent Handbags

In 2012, Hedi Slimane took over the position of Design Director of Replica Saint Laurent Handbags and designed the handbag called “Sac De Jour”. The square of the square represents the spirit of Saint Laurent, and the practical functions make it a commuter. Favorite. Its appearance is very similar to Hermes Birkin, but the relatively affordable price makes the organ bag more cost-effective.

Replica Saint Laurent Handbags

The organ bag of various materials and different color combinations is popular in all the streets. Whether it is boarding, going to work or going to happy, it can be hopelessly beautiful. What’s more, people still have their own noble blood. These beautiful bags are of course big. The star’s favorite, from the “Star” two thousand to the girl’s Huang Meiying, to the European and American red fried chicken Kendou, as well as the domestic national chick white lily is a fan of his family.

Saint Laurent Monogram Medium Chain Shoulder Fuchsia

Do not know when to start, the goddess on the YSL’s love becomes indescribable, Cara Deleving, Miranda Kerr, star fashion bloggers are wearing Replica Saint Laurent Handbags clothes with YSL bag, to say the most popular 2016 single product, It can be seen from their street to shoot a lot of the same paragraph, Saint Laurent women’s clothing YSL mini bag chain replica tote bag fringed bag shoulder replica tote bag as if the most symbolic fashionable magic, with a high popularity dominate the fashion circle, on the YSL How does the bag match?

For the Replica Saint Laurent Bags Monogram Medium Chain Shoulder Fuchsia, the girls certainly feel very familiar, after all, whether it is street shooting or life, its use rate is very high, ysl logo is too classic to carry.

Replica Saint Laurent Handbags

But in fact the girls may not really understand it, because so far Monogram series has been out of different designs of different colors or different materials more than 100 bags. You really can find the most in line with their own that is not easy, this series of relationships is really too complicated, but also just illustrates its classic.

Monogram series is the “Y” word from the brand removed Hedi Slimane personally designed the first bag series, and Monogram series is the biggest symbolic feature with “ysl” Logo, you can think of “ysl” in How important is Saint Laurent? The “ysl” Logo originated in 1961, Mr. Yves Replica Saint Laurent Handbags invited artist Cassandre design of the brand logo, now for the brand is the same as the soul of God’s brand.

As the Monogram series style too much, Replica Saint Laurent Bags also will be subdivided into many small series. Mary for the girls who integrated the current market in the sale of several, easy to ask grass! A well-known one is College, 2015, when the popular retro school style, should be launched Monogram College is also popular. Compared with the other models of the series, we add the seam design, which is made of small sheepskin or delicate calfskin, and the shape is more soft.

Replica Saint Laurent Handbags

“Ysl” Logo has black, silver, gold three options, Mary personal favorite black Logo, super texture, and the same small black seven! College has two sizes: Large and Medium. Under normal circumstances, the medium bag chain is relatively long, can be shoulder or twisted back; large chain is thicker and very short, can only carry, but the chain can be demolished, so if you want to buy large And do not want to carry their own long chain.

And later out of a more Mini College Chain Wallet, so popular this year, a small bag, now start is also a good time. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is still loyalty, remember that she also love the Sac de Jour, but the big bag is more suitable for commuting, and occasionally back the street Monogram series is also more dynamic.

College series is also quite suitable for Gigi this American sports girl, pilot jacket and college wind bag over the ride, Gigi know what they fit. Taylor also chose College, cool camouflage jacket and denim shorts feel full of students, lips and careful care of Saint Laurent classic retro and sexy.

Krystal leisure college wind gray suit look, carrying a medium College is also very texture. Reese Witherspoon bright pink silk shirt gorgeous sense, sleeveless models and jeans with it is much easier, College with which is also not unexpected. Another series of special fire is Monogram Kate, is the small replica tote bag of small replica tote bag , the front is very simple on the back, in addition to Logo, basically no extra design. But very classic wild, and College of small sheepskin is different, mostly leather material, looks more angular.

Replica Saint Laurent Handbags

Monogram Kate with tassels and no tassels, fringed models are more popular in the country known as the network red envelope. Perhaps it is too fire, Saint Laurent to share them very clearly, with the fringed Kate Bag in the official website and become a series of independence. In the price, with the same size crocodile leather embossed, python skin embossed the most expensive, smooth leather next, velvet section of the most people.

But no wonder, half-matte tassel spike is really very pleasing, a little more details of the design will make the bag texture plus a lot of texture. Without the tassel of the Large and Medium two sizes, while the fringed models are Medium and Kim sister back to the fringes of the Kate, Replica Saint Laurent Handbag of high sense and fur together very contrast.

This body with a super worthy of work to learn from the girl, fashionable, but too much publicity is full of gas field. Big shirt, silk pants, gray coat, each element is a bright spot, after the foot with a basic black tassel Kate raise Level. Sunset and Monogram other models of the biggest difference is that he and Sac de Jour is the organ bag, in fact, he is inspired by the Sac de Jour series of new models, to retain Monogram’s buckle replica tote bag , temperament and Logo at the same time, also In the front of the replica tote bag plus a square pocket, the replica tote bag also has a compartment, the capacity is also more convenient to summarize the items.