Do You Know Replica Hermes Classic Series & Super Material

Hermes handbag replica has always been its elegant and luxurious atmosphere is known, is a high society woman out essential supplies. Leading global fashion, to create a classic legend. Hermes bags seen pictures of people will unknowingly be Hermes handbag from the inside reveals attracted fashionable. Replica Hermes bags How many series? In addition to being well-known and popular Birkin or Kelly, you know, what does? Hermes has experienced 170 years time baptism, several generations of the family blood heritage, the development of a small town from Paris saddlery shop into the current top big luxury, Hermes than you think more thought and meaning. Hermes clothing line not only you see the “Star you” in that touch of cloak; the classic Hermes bag series is not just only platinum and Kelly both.


Birkin Bag origin is quite dramatic encounter. French singer Jane Birkin have time to fly to Jean Louis Dumas Hermes fifth president of the complaints now can not find work well and practical large bag, then president of Hermes, specially designed for her handbag, and she’s named after. Replica Hermes Birkin bag is more casual than the Kelly bag.
Kelly bag is the prototype from 1892 to install a saddle bag inspiration came. 1935 Kelly bag 35 cm specifications listed, Princess Grace Kelly in 1956 Yinmonage favorite use, Hermes CEO officially changed its name to Kelly bag. This model consists of 25,28,32,35 cm, and mini sizes and other specifications, as many as 33 kinds of material, more than 209 kinds of more colors. Because of the unique styling and details, and to become a source of inspiration to other commodities, such as Kelly watches, jewelry, women, etc., launched in autumn 2003 in the form of a soft bag Kelly bag.


Constance should be in addition to the Birkin and Hermes Kelly handbag highest recognition, early in 1969 she was born. Brand designer Catherine Chaillet time with his newborn daughter is named for this bag. Over the past seven years, the rise of this bag is almost over for Birkin, perhaps for the girls, the fat Constance Birkins more serious than affinity, with or without aura, you can manage.
Hermes bags series four: Lindy · Hermes Lindy bag design will have a different theme each year; and in 2007 dedicated to the theme of this year’s dance. Lindy handbags born this year, the name originated in 1920 will come from Harlem dance Lindy Hop (Swing Dance Swing a Figure). Lindy side essence of this dance is quite vivid. Of course, Lindy is a very practical focus on handbags, handbag strap design allows only can have two different back method, younger and more interesting. In addition to these series, Hermes bags there are other 8 kinds of styles, each one is worth the wait.

Hermes Birkin Hermes Kelly relatively more casual, free and easy, materials and colors are more selective than Hermes Kelly. Replica Hermes Kelly Handbags and within the seam and the outer seam of the points difference is, Hermes Birkin bag is a distinction between hard and soft packs. The Hermes Birkin Hermes bags and Hermes Kelly from the 1980s, because too popular, but artisan production is limited, global approach to custom, the average ordered a probably need to wait two years.
If you buy a Hermes Birkin bag, usually on the Waiting List queue, you will be notified after the arrival. The special system of law should Order to enjoy. Order details can usually choose leather, fasteners and the like for yourself. Hermes Birkin bag has the dimensions of Hermes bags 30CM, 35CM, 40CM, 45CM and other four different options, there are 90 different leather materials and colors can be selected (cowhide, sheepskin, pigskin, and more precious crocodile leather , ostrich and lizard skin). Bag is full of my site can save you valuable time and eliminating the need for large fees.


Hermes “Birkin” bag bag opening level identification interpreted identified as “Λ” sign, on behalf of crocodile leather taken from the wild, the price of the most expensive. Labeled “..” symbol, representing crocodile leather from captivity. If in the next France engraved with “S” in Made, represents a discount product. Hermes bag material is outstanding, the following breakdown for you 11:
A. Kraft (epsom leather, togo leather, taurillon calf, box leather, clemence leather, Swift leather)
1.epsom leather:
Leather, the grain is smaller than TOGO, TOGO harder than some. Gloss is very beautiful, (but there are plastic feeling for some people), color darker than other leather, more wear-resistant. This leather bag made little heavy. The skin and the Taiga leather lv somewhat similar.

2.togo leather: adult male leather (neck skin), similar to the embossed leather surface, small particles with a size appropriate (from the point of hard), there is little luster

3.taurillon calfskin leather: This is the most classic calfskin hermes, and easy to scratch, but as time goes on, after slowly getting old classic will have a special feeling.

5.clemence leather:
Leather, closer than TOGO matte effect, oil higher, softer, and therefore some slightly sagging sense (looks like ironed togo)

6.Swift leather: in recent years, new types of leather. Overall, more than any other leather soft leather, easy fold. With this leather bag made of plastic is not easy, it is generally to do with being a class terrifying lindy bag with gusset bag, etc. brikin not stand strong sense of species.


Second, sheepskin
1. Goat Chevre: chevre de coromandel: coromandel goatskin is tanned, shiny, relatively Naicao generally do so on the package Brikin lining / Lippi use.

Third, the alligator:
1) mark inverted V is Porosus Crocodile Borneo long alligator, the most expensive;
2) two points are Niloticus Crocodile Nile crocodile, prices followed;
3) square is Alligator Crocodile, Chinese / American culture, the cheapest price;
These three are the main, there are crocodile semi-mat / nilotiques ….

Fourth, the horsehide: As the name suggests is a horse too epidermis, is a traditional Chinese medicine, has insecticidal itching effect. Our Breed more, there Mongolia, lizards, Ili, Sanhe, Heihe and other species, because different varieties, body size, hair color also varies main coat has blue hair, flower hair, black hair, chestnut hair, and thus horsehide different regions there are differences in efficacy.

Fifth, lizard skin, like a very special special skin, because the relationship between the surface of the small scales that look like shining like diamonds. Completely waterproof, so although the “old” feature is good, still have to pay attention to maintenance to avoid the water, otherwise it will flake off.

Sixth, ostrich: the most common special leather, all of these in the lightest leather, very durable, and hit the water without a problem. After a few years will become more soft, but still maintain the shape.python skin: ornate pattern, but not commonly used hermes, bottega veneta use more. sturgeon skin.

In the eyes of many, Italy Hermes would be better, in fact, this idea is completely correct, in locally produced products, whether or say selection of raw materials and processing techniques are very authentic. Especially imitations technology, just exactly the same with the real thing. But with the development of the transport industry, and now China’s Hermes products manufacturers are beginning to use the origin of the raw materials and processing technology, which makes the quality of the products has been the best protection, but also in production efficiency very high. In the eyes of many followers of Hermes, the best thing is to count Italian Hermes products, especially when they see the name of the country of origin when they are more exciting. But for ordinary consumers, Italy Hermes good or that it should choose other products are in fact not much different. Especially after China increased the number of stores of Hermes, the quality difference is very obvious with the narrowing. Hermes handbag has always been its elegant and luxurious atmosphere is known, is a high society woman out essential supplies. Leading global fashion, to create a classic legend. Hermes bags seen pictures of people will unknowingly be Hermes handbag from the inside reveals attracted fashionable. There is no doubt the world’s popular brands, master fashion trends. They are always able to charm the color, simple and elegant style to win many female consumers. For many women, the use of Hermes, it is not just a living supplies, but also a brand, a symbol. Excellent quality achievements Hermes classic. Browse Hermes bags pictures, you may only see the beauty of this brand product appearance. In fact, it’s quality is unmatched. Hermes products are superior selection of advanced materials, craftsmanship to create sophisticated products. Minimalist aesthetic is not the lack of decorative embellishment, so clever fusion of high-profile and low-key, unassuming luxury hidden subtle flavor. Romantic French will never let any one detail, allowing the bag to seize every glittering glow of vitality. Fine processing, excellent quality has won wide acclaim.